In lieu of a traditional box of chocolates, try making these DIY Valentines that are made with lots of love! I made these for a bride’s “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” theme, but there are endless possibilities on how you can use yours! Fill them with candy, miniature bottles of champagne, a homemade treat, chocolate covered strawberries, or even a love letter!


To create your valentines, you will need to gather a few items (most can be found at Hobby Lobby or your local craft store):

Cardboard heart shaped boxes

Fabric, size dependent on the size of your box

Foam, size dependent on the size of your box


Hot glue gun

To assemble, measure & trace the top of the box onto the foam. Cut foam to mirror the top of the box, and hot glue foam on top of the box. Cover foam by placing fabric on top of the foam and securing the sides to the inside of the box with hot glue.

Glue both ends of a strip of ribbon horizontally across the top of the heart shaped box, and using a separate piece of ribbon, tie a bow onto the horizontally glued ribbon.

Have fun with this project, and use your imagination with how you’d like to decorate your valentines! I also glued candy hearts, flowers, and gold leaf on other valentines. All were easy and fun to create! EnJOY!



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