If someone were to ask about my favorite room in our house, it would hands-down be my craft room! Nine times out of ten, it is awash with glitter, scraps of paper, ribbons and bows..with an emphasis on ribbons and bows!

My addiction to collecting ribbon has certainly caught up with me, and I recently recognized it was time to put my beautiful array of bolts in order.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love browsing through a junk-tique store and am always excited to have an excuse to peruse. The other day I was meandering through the aisles and couldn’t quite put my finger on the perfect shelving unit. Just as  my visit was coming to an end, I found the most perfect vintage farmer’s display shelving unit that was aged to perfection. 

After bargaining a bit for the best price, I decided it was a steal for $45! Once it was nestled into its new home, I discovered that I really liked the chipped paint-look for my craft room and left it as is.

Whether you’re shopping for a certain item or just exploring, always keep a creative eye out for something you can uniquely repurpose!


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