Are you ready for some football?!

Who else woke up with an extra pep in their step this weekend? Not only is it a three-day weekend, but the kickoff to dove season AND the much anticipated FOOTBALL season! Wooohoooo! This savvy girl could not be more excited as this is my  f a v o r i t e  time of year! We will be featuring several touchdown ideas to make your gameday extra savvy throughout the football season, but I first wanted to start with a GAMEDAY wreath that is perfect for any gameday soirée!

There are dozens of ways to make a wreath using deco mesh; however, I think the easiest technique is to simply use zip-ties–one of my favorite staples at our house! You can find zip-ties in almost every color. For this wreath, I used black zip-ties to camouflage with the navy deco mesh.

This GAMEDAY DIY WREATH VIDEO (*note: this video contains sound) shows a bit more detail on how to assemble the wreath, but basically secure one end of the mesh to a wreath frame of your choice and make small “puffs” using either a zip-tie or the tinsel ties on the wreath frame to secure each time. Continue this pattern until you’ve reached the desired thickness for your wreath. Fluff.

Complete your wreath by adding festive embellishments such as mini footballs, helmets and megaphones.






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