Tailgating–the ultimate football soirée! Many schools pride themselves on having “the best” tailgate in town; however, I can affirm that Ole Miss truly has the best tailgate in the country! You see, The Grove is legendary for its super savvy tailgates, ornate with chandeliers and flat screen tvs hanging from tents, bands playing everything but “Sweet Home Alabama,” exquisite food displays served on silver trays, and fans adorned in stilettos and coats & ties!

If you’ve never experienced The Grove, I highly recommend it! Regardless of who your cheering for, you’ll always be greeted with a warm southern hospitality and a toddy, of course!

I look forward to sharing more about The Grove during this wonderful season of football! We are going to have a blast together as we explore the best tailgating ideas!

But regardless of your alma mater, keep in mind that tailgating decor is just as important as the food displayed on gameday. For a super quick tablecloth, check out the simple steps below. EnJOY & Hotty Toddy!!!!!


you will need…

painters tape

drop cloth canvas

acrylic paint in your school’s color

Using painter’s tape, measure and tape vertical stripes on the drop cloth. Mix acrylic paint with water(not too thin, but enough to easily paint onto the canvas). Allow to dry. Remove painter’s tape and voila! Your gameday tablecloth is ready for the big game!_JTR3049



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