Indulge in Dulce de Leche, Argentina’s #1 dessert! Sounds too complicated? Well, we’ve been experimenting in the kitchen with various recipes and techniques, and I am pleased to report this recipe is the most flavorful and divine!! But best of all, this caramel goodness involved just O N E ingredient! Trust me, I tried much fancier, more elaborate recipes and sure, they were scrumptious; however, this canned evaporated milk stole the show! You’re not going to believe this!! EnJOY!


you will need…

1 can sweetened evaporated milk


Simply remove the label from the evaporated milk can. Place the can of evaporated milk (on its side) in a pot, and fill with water, making sure to cover the can with water. (*Important Note: Covering the can with water is imperative as I’ve read a few horrific stories, and the can can explode if not entirely covered!) Bring the water to a soft boil, and simmer for three hours. Carefully remove the can with tongs and completely cool to room temperature on counter before opening can. Store Dulce de Leche in airtight container in refrigerator.

*Savvy Hint: Go ahead and throw in three or four cans of evaporated milk. Dulce de Leche stores beautifully in an airtight container in the refrigerator for weeks! The perfect ice cream topping or icing for an impromptu soirée!

For Dulce de Leche candies, boil evaporated milk for 4 hours. Allow to cool completely before sliding firm Dulce de Leche from can. Cut into small rectangles, and wrap with parchment paper and colorful tissue paper. FullSizeRender


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