It’s been an exciting week at the All England Club! In honor of Wimbledon, check out these Match Point Mosaics—created from a simple tennis ball! A GRAND SLAM craft for your Savvy Kids to enJOY during a rainy day or during these dog days of summer! Your Savvy Kids will LOVE using their creativity, and you will forever cherish this special garden décor!


Match Point Mosaics

you will need…

tennis balls

mosaic pieces

Tacky glue or hot glue

sanded grout

Sponge + water


To start, gather old tennis balls and tesserae to dress your garden balls: broken ceramic or porcelain tile, buttons, rocks, shells, beads—use your imagination!

Using Tacky glue, glue your trinkets onto the tennis ball in the pattern you desire. Allow glue to dry overnight.

∗Savvy Hint: For older Savvy Kids and you Savvy Adults, hot glue works beautifully too, and provides instant drying!


Once the balls are dry, mix a sanded grout according to package directions, and cover the entire ball. Allow to dry for several minutes before wiping excess grout by using a damp sponge. You will have to repeat this step several times.


Allow your Match Point Mosaics to dry overnight, and enJOY your custom garden décor! _JTR0381


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