Fresh, vibrant herbs enhance most dishes, and can be used in so many ways! From juleps & pesto to sachets & soaps, fresh herbs are filled with enticing aromas that aromatically heighten your senses! Every summer, I enjoy testing out my green thumb by planting an outdoor herb garden. Herb gardens are hearty and take very little of your thyme. Fresh herbs can transform a simple supper into something ‘sense’-ational!

To plant your herb garden, you first need to choose a location. Herb gardens grow beautifully indoors or outdoors, and thrive best in morning sun.

This year, I decided the perfect plan was to create an herb garden trellis on an existing fence in our backyard. After buying small plants at our local garden center, I decided to age individual terracotta pots prior to planting. Make sure your container has a drainage hole, and fill your pots with drained, rich garden soil as this is essential to growing herbs. To hang the pots, I discovered the perfect mounting bracket on Amazon that invisibly hang our pots on the trellis. Not only were they super simple to install, they are hidden and give our garden the exact look I was hoping for! To complete our herb garden trellis, I engraved antique garden stakes to label our new garden._JTR5025


Once your herbs are planted, continue to give them a touch of TLC:

Tenderly touch the soil for moisture. Your soil should be slightly moist, and never dry. I tend to water our herbs in the morning or late afternoon, every other day.

Lovingly listen to the leaves. The leaves will begin to yellow if you are watering your herbs too frequently.

Carefully clip and create culinary delights! Clipping herbs actually stimulates growth, so frequently enJOY the fruits of your labor!_JTR4994


Stay tuned to Savvy Soiree this summer to discover fresh ideas using your favorite herbs! Now it’s time to sip on a refreshing mint julep while soaking in a warm lavender bath while visions of fragrant new recipes dance in your head…

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