So often a recipe calls for extra virgin olive oil. Often times, Michael & I like to spice up our dinner by substituting herb infused extra virgin olive oil! This beautifully creates a delicious salad dressing accompanied with a balsamic vinegar, a divine dipping sauce mixed with freshly grated parmesan cheese and freshly cracked pepper, or add a splash to chicken or fish before grilling—aHHH-mazing!

Herb infused olive oil also made great favors for guests at our herb-inspired dinner party! A special touch of any soiree is a party favor as guests always  enjoy leaving the special evening with a keepsake and a wonderful memory. For our dinner party, I filled individual glass bottles that I discovered in Dallas (similar glass bottles can be found here) with extra virgin olive oil and simply put a fresh sprig of an array of herbs into each bottle. Another tasty twist is to add a dash of cracked red pepper flakes to your olive oil. Sealed with a cork, these little gems are a guarantee your guests will leave with a smile! EnJOY!

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