I love to explore my creativity while rummaging through an antique store! A few weeks ago, I discovered a bathtub filled with an beautiful array of tired stainless silverware! I was planting our herb garden trellis at the time, and immediately knew that I wanted to incorporate them into our garden by hammering and polishing them into herb garden stakes! This was a quick and easy transformation that is the perfect finish to our herb garden!

1. Locate your silverware. The more pure the silver, the more pliable and easier it will be to stamp.



2. Using a hammer, flatten out the spoons and fork (don’t forget your safety goggles!). Place silverware on a steel block, and firmly hammer the metal stamp letters to engrave the silverware. I used two different sizes of stamps. Be careful not to hammer more than once, as the silver tends to slightly budge, and your stamping will not be consistent.



3. Trace engraved letters with a black Sharpie._JTR4932


4. To expose engraved letters, dampen a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol, and simply wipe away excess Sharpie marks. _JTR4935


5. EnJOY your adorable, custom antique garden markers!


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