Often times, I tend to envision the way something should look, and often times, I struggle locating it! If you’re like me, this is a great time to channel your creativity! When searching for the perfect pots to plant our herb garden, I couldn’t seem to locate the aged terra cotta pot I was dreaming of, so I decided to make my own. I needed thirty pots, and had a beautiful Sunday afternoon to complete this project–from start to finish. For instant gratification, follow the simple steps below:

you will need…

  • terra cotta pots
  • limestone powder
  • water
  • drop cloth or large garbage bag
  • latex gloves
  • a large bowl
  • coarse sand paper
  • protective sealant spray paint

Start by covering your work area with a drop cloth or large garbage bag. In a bowl, mix two cups of limestone powder with one cup of water. With gloves on, completely cover your terra cotta pots with the limestone mixture. Allow to quickly dry. Once your pots are completely dried, sand your pots until you reach your desired ‘aged’ appearance. To protect & finish, spray the inside and outside of your pots with protective sealant spray paint. EnJOY your new-aged terra cotta pots!_JTR4748


*Savvy Hint: Most terra cotta pots found in local hardware stores today are unsealed. Spraying the inside & outside of your terra cotta pots with a protective sealant will help keep moisture in the soil, and will require less frequent watering.




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